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Purchase Options


We carry a supply of standard 20’ boxes in our San Juan Island yard for same day or next day deliveries and can have special requests delivered within the week.

Currently In Our Yard:

Standard 20'  
$5,000 to $6,350
Pricing depends on the specific box you select. Color, age, and features of the box, such as sealed mahogany floors, serviceable hinges, and easy open handles determine the price. We have dark green, green, charcoal, light gray, and tan available. 

Tan High Cubes 20' 

Light Gray High Cube Side Openers $14,500

Features for Special Orders 

Select Height:
 -Standard (8’6”)

 -High Cube (9’6”)

Select Length:  20’ or 40’

Select Color: 
Tan, Charcoal, Green, Light Gray

Select Doors:
-Standard (One end opens)
-Double Door (Both ends open)
-Side Opener (One end opens, plus one entire side opens with two bi-folding doors) 


Heading 1

Standard 20' charcoal boxes

20' green side-openers, standard height (left) and high cube (right)

Charcoal, light gray, tan boxes

Dark green

Side-openers partially open (left) and fully opened (right)

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