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Use a Box to Move

How It Works


  • Tell us when and where to deliver the box

  • You load and secure your items, in the box, at your convenience (weight limits apply)

  • Call us when you're ready to have your box picked up and taken to your new location


The Costs

  • Minimum rental of the 20' box is $250, which gives you an entire month with the box

  • A $250 delivery fee per box also applies to box rentals


  • Purchase the 20' box for $5,000 - $6,350 (free delivery) and fill it as slow as you'd like  


To Relocate the Rented Box 

  • On San Juan Island: $350​

  • On Orcas, Shaw, or Lopez Island: $450

To Relocate Your Purchased Box

  • Out of state: Please call for quote, as it depends where you're going (Box purchases only)

  • Out of country, we deliver to your port: Please call for quote (Box purchases only)


Delivery/Pickup Information

We deliver boxes to all islands in San Juan County! A one-time delivery fee of $250 is charged for each box rented, which includes delivery and future pick up. If renting on Orcas, Shaw, or Lopez Island, the current ferry fare to return to San Juan Island, plus future pick up ferry fare will also apply to each box rented. Delivery fees are all billed on your first invoice, along with your first month's rent. We work with Humpback Hauling to deliver to outer islands and a barge fee can be quoted upon request.

Containers are delivered on a roll-back truck. The driver will tilt the bed up, and the back of the container will touch the ground. The driver will then drive out from under the container.

The site must be flat and free of obstacles to allow our truck room to deliver. Ensure the entire access path is clear and that you have at least 14 feet of overhead clearance from the ground to the lowest point of anything overhead, like building overhangs, trees, and utility lines. If you are concerned our truck may not be able to deliver, we will come by and assess the site free of charge!

Contact us to schedule pick up when you are at the end of your desired rental period and we will come collect the box! 

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